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Petroleum Marketing Group:

Petroleum Marketing Group is a fuel distributor company whose headquarter has moved to a new location. PMG was looking for creative ideas to change the environment of the new office in a meaningful way. 

My Proposal:

PMG has a diverse community with people from all around the world. As an illustrator, I propose creating a series of nature illustrations in a unique and consistent graphic style to be installed on the walls in different places throughout the building. The art pieces will reflect the diversity of the people working at PMG, but in a subtle manner to avoid a busy and messy look, while also maintaining consistency throughout all the artworks.

In addition, as PMG is environmentally conscious and has started to prioritize clean and renewable energy, this project will emphasize nature and its protection. To achieve this, I suggest asking different people at PMG to recommend and introduce a famous natural environment in their home country, so that I can create illustrations of that environment that include animals as well. Each illustration will be accompanied by a small description installed under each piece.

To maintain cohesiveness throughout the building, all the illustrations will have a consistent style and color palette. The aim is to tell the story of the people working in PMG through the natural environment of their hometowns from all over the globe.


The Process:

After the proposal was accepted, PMG provided the necessary materials to begin the project, including information about employees who could be contacted to provide pictures and details about natural environments in their home countries. By involving employees in the research phase, the project fostered a sense of collaboration and demonstrated the importance of each individual employee to PMG as a whole.

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