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Join me on a visual journey through the backstreets of my illustrated world, where vibrant colors come alive and sweet scents fill the air. However, be prepared for the occasional eerie sound lurking in the background. My works are heavily textured, making them almost tangible and tempting to touch. I pay close attention to every detail and corner of my illustrations, having developed a distinctive style through years of practice. Yet, I am always eager to explore and discover untapped areas and new styles to expand my art world. Learning new skills and utilizing them to solve visual problems is a source of enjoyment for me.

I create illustrations using both traditional and digital methods and specialize in a range of areas including illustrating animation assets, children's illustration, poster design, editorial illustration, branding and identity design, concept, and character development, and motion design. My ultimate goal is to convey your unique narrative through my distinct style of illustration and animation.

Illustrator Resume


I am a visual storyteller, illustrator, and designer. I have studied Communication Arts at Virginia Commonwealth University. I am currently living in Virginia, USA. 
  • Adobe; Photoshop, Illustrator, After Effects, Lightroom, Fresco, InDesign,  Premier pro

  • Procreate

  • Water Color, Acrylic Paint

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